Specialty Sealants

P&T Products manufacturers specialty sealants to meet specific needs in the pavement construction and repair industry. The Cold Joint Adhesive, Traffic Loop Sealant, and Airport Adhesive (EMAS Adhesive) are formulated to meet precise specifications for their usage.

P&T Products | Dura-FIll CJA


Pavement Cold Joint Adhesive


Dura-Fill CJA is a longitudinal joint adhesive. It is a hot pour adhesive and tacking material used on cold pavement construction joints. CJA fosters a long-lasting seal that prolongs the pavement service life by protecting the joints from moisture, oxidation and debris. CJA also provides improved resistance to expansion and contraction during the freeze-thaw cycle.

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P&T Products | Dura-FIll LS


Hot Applied Traffic Loop Sealant


Dura-Fill LS is formulated for sealing traffic signal loop detector cuts in concrete and asphalt pavements. It is designed to be a low viscosity sealant for easy application in loop detector cuts. Once cooled, Dura-Fill LS forms a stiff but flexible seal which prevents water and debris penetration while stabilizing the loop.

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P&T Products | Dura-Fill Airport Adhesive

DURA-FILL® Airport Adhesive

Adhesive for Engineered Materials Arresting System Blocks (EMAS)


The Dura-Fill Airport Adhesive is a blend of 75% PG 64-22 asphalt (formerly AC20) and 25% hot pour crack sealant. The material is used to bond the overrun surface of an airport runway and emergency arresting concrete blocks using the EMAS System.

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