Dura-Fill Gray

Dura-Filltm Gray products are designed for projects where form is just as important as function. The versatile gray color shade compliments concrete roadways, sidewalks, bridge decks, airport surfaces and faded asphalt as an alternative to traditional black sealants. These premium products are engineered to perform to the industry’s highest standards and specifications. The material is applied using standard machinery and processes and requires no special training for use.



Crack and Joint Sealant for Moderate Climates

Oil Jacketed

Dura-Fill Gray is a hot pour crack and joint sealant specially designed for concrete and faded asphalt surfaces. The material forms a durable, flexible and fade resistant seal which resists tracking in warm temperatures and cracking in cold weather. Dura-Fill Gray meets the ASTM D 1190 and ASTM D 6690 Type I specifications.

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DURA-FILL Mastic Gray

DURA-FILL® Mastic - Gray

Formulated for All Climates


Dura-Fill Gray Mastic is a hot-applied, permanent repair material comprised of a polymer-modified binder and select aggregate. It is highly flexible and can withstand heavy loads and thermal movement. The material does not require the use of additional adhesives or compaction. Dura-Fill Gray Mastic is an extremely versatile product that offers an attractive repair solution for concrete and faded asphalt surfaces.

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