Dura-Fill Mastic is a hot applied patching compound used to repair asphalt and concrete surfaces. It contains a specially formulated, highly modified asphalt binder and select aggregates. Dura-Fill Mastic can be used as a permanent repair solution for wide pavement cracks, joint separations, alligatored pavement, utility cuts, potholes, spalls, manhole/drain surrounds and other applications. The product creates a durable bond with the existing surface and remains highly flexible. Mastics have superior longevity and can greatly reduce the costs of future repairs. Mastic technology is well established, and the value of these products is now putting them at the forefront of pavement repair programs. For more information about mastics please contact us directly.

Dura-Fill Mastic

Dura-Fill Mastic®

Durable Repair for All Climates


Dura-Fill Mastic is a hot pour, versatile repair product for asphalt and concrete surfaces. This fast-melting, black material is an extremely durable solution for wide cracks, utility cuts, manhole surrounds, potholes and longitudinal joint repair. The flexibility of the product makes it ideal for use on bridge decks and working cracks in all climates. Dura-Fill Mastic is ready for traffic as soon as it cools and has a high friction surface for added roadway safety.

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