Hot Pour Crack and Joint Sealants

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Superior Quality, Exceptional Service

Since 1988

P&T Products proudly manufactures Dura-Fill Hot Pour Crack and Joint Sealants providing high-quality, consistent materials at competitive prices. Dura-Fill is available in a full line of formulas to meet the demands of the pavement maintenance and road construction industries. Professionals can rely on Dura-Fill’s superior quality for use in preventative maintenance programs for highways, streets, parking lots and driveways. All materials are produced in P&T’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Every batch is laboratory tested using ASTM, AASHTO and standard industry methods.

P&T Products’ commitment to exceptional customer service is fueled by hands-on leadership. This direct oversight means that customers can depend on the consistency, quality and availability of products and the full support of the P&T team. Each department follows rigorous quality control processes with oversight from management. All questions and concerns are answered directly by knowledgeable, on-site team members with decades of combined experience. Pricing remains competitive through diligent management of raw materials, freight costs and overhead. These structures allow P&T to offer a level of service unmatched in the industry.

Dura-Fill Hot Pour Crack and Joint Sealants are available nationwide through an extensive network of distributors. Please contact us directly to find a location near you or to discuss how you can become a distributor.

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