DURA-FILL® Mastic T2

Distressed Pavement Repair Mastic

General Information

Description: Dura-Fill Mastic T2 is a hot-applied repair mastic comprised of a black, asphalt-based, poly-mer-modified binder and a select aggregate. This material is self adhesive. Dura-Fill Mastic T2 resists cracking, delamination, and spalling. It is a flexible material that can withstand heavy loads, weather, traffic and thermal movement. Mastic T2 provides a high-friction surface to ensure driver safety. Compaction equipment is not necessary with Dura-Fill Mastic T2. This repair system is formulated to provide a feathered edge.

Recommended Uses: Dura-Fill Mastic T2 is recommended for sealing wide cracks and joints, as well as repairing a large variety of distresses in cement and asphalt pavements. It is designed for large cracks and distressed surface areas too small for re-paving yet too large for traditional hot-applied crack sealants.

Surface Preparation: Proper surface preparation facilitates adhesion and consequently the maximum ser-vice life of the mastic. In order for proper adhesion to occur, the surface must be free of moisture, dust, loose aggregate, and other contaminates. Avoid use in highly-distressed areas that require reconstruction. The substrate and air temperatures must be 40 °F or above. Use oil-free compressed air and heat to clean and dry the area immediately prior to application. Heating the pavement will promote bonding between the mastic and pavement surface. Caution: Do not to overheat/oxidize the pavement.

Melting and Application: Melt Dura-Fill Mastic T2 using an oil-jacketed kettle designed for mastic materials. The kettle should be equipped with an agitator and temperature control devices for the material and heating oil. Carefully insert small quantities of Dura-Fill product and the plastic bag into the melter while the agitator is turned off to avoid splash back. Once material has reached application temperature, apply to freshly prepared area. Dura-Fill Mastic T2 can be applied directly from the melter using an appropriate flute, bucket, or mastic wagon. Immediately following application, the mastic shall be leveled and smoothed using mastic flutes. In deep installations, mastic may be applied in layers, cooling in between. When mastic is installed where added skid resistance is desired, Dura-Fill Mastic T2 may be covered with Dura-Top™ surface aggregate. Dura-Fill Mastic T2 is ready for traffic when it has cooled and solidified.

Note: The temperature of the heating oil should not exceed 525 °F. Do not heat material over the maximum heating temperature and do not maintain it at that temperature for prolonged periods of time. This could cause the material to gel in the equipment or fail on the pavement. A significant viscosity increase accompanied by stringiness signals the onset of gelation. If this occurs, immediately remove the material from the melter and dispose of it.

For further details read and follow the Dura-Fill SDS, Mastic Installation Instructions, and P&T Products’ Warranty.

Ideal Uses

• Pavement cracks or joints over 1.5 inches wide 
• Potholes, utility cuts, manhole covers 
• Spalls, pop-outs, and corner breaks 
• Localized skin patch repairs 
• Repairs prior to surface treatments 
• Bridge approaches or faulted areas 
• Depressed thermal 


Product Specification Table

Heating Temperature400 °F Max.
Application Temperature375 - 400 °F
Heating Time12 Hours Max.
Specific GravityApproximately 1.8
Mastic Resilience50% Min.
Effects of Rapid Deformation-18 °C / 8 N-m ImpactPass
Crack Bridging-18 °C / ⅛ inch Extension3 Cycles Pass
Mastic Stability70 °C40.0 mm Max.
Flexibility0 °CPass

* Specifications are as tested according to ASTM D 8260 and D 5329.

Dura-Top™ surface aggregates are available in both ⅛ inch size and ¼ inch size with a maximum abrasion loss of 35% (ASTM C 131).

Product Highlights

  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Rapid Melting
  • Resists Tracking
  • For Asphalt and
  • Concrete Surfaces


WidthDepthPounds/100 Linear Feet


ASTM D 8260 Types 1 & 2


Dura-Fill mastics are packaged in 45 lb. polybags in a high-strength, corrugated box. Each pallet contains 60 boxes or 2,700 pounds of mastic. Dura-Fill mastics are also available in 45 lb. Dura-Melt™ consumable packaging with each pallet containing 64 meltable boxes or 2,880 pounds of mastic.
Now also available in 45lb. Dura-Melt Consumable Packaging with each pallet containing 64 meltable boxes or 2,880 pounds of mastic.