DURA-FILL® Marker Adhesive 2

Hot-Applied, Flexible Marker Adhesive

General Information

Description: Dura-Fill MA 2 is a hot-applied, bituminous marker adhesive modified with polymers for superior flexibility. When properly applied, the material provides a strong bond between pavement markers and pavement. It is a single component material formulated with a select asphaltic resin and a homogeneously-mixed mineral filler. Dura-Fill MA 2 marker adhesive does not contain ground tire rubber.

Recommended Uses: Dura-Fill MA 2 is suitable for bonding pavement markers to portland cement, asphaltic concrete, and chip-sealed road surfaces.

Surface Preparation: Dura-Fill MA 2 can be applied when road surface and marker temperatures are 40 to 160 °F. In order to ensure proper adhesion, pavement must be free of moisture, dust, loose aggregate, and other contaminates. Use oil-free compressed air and heat to clean and dry the pavement immediately prior to application. Pavement markers should be applied to the adhesive immediately to ensure a strong bond.

Melting and Application: Dura-Fill MA 2 may be melted in a direct-fired unit, a conventional oil-jacketed unit, or an electrically-heated kettle. With the agitator turned off, carefully add a few bags of Dura-Fill MA 2 at a time into the kettle, avoiding splash back. After the initial load has reached the recommended pouring temperature, fresh material may be added to the melter as sealant is used. Molten material should be agitated while in the kettle. Melt only the amount of material that will be used during that work day. Purge material remaining in the kettle lines at the end of each sealing operation. Material may be safely reheated and can be applied using a pressure feed wand system or a pour pot.

Note: The temperature of heat-transfer oil should not exceed 525 °F. Do not heat Dura-Fill MA 2 above its maximum heating temperature or maintain it at that temperature for prolonged periods of time. Overheating could degrade performance properties or cause the material to gel in the equipment. A significant viscosity increase accompanied by stringiness signals the approach of gelation. If this occurs, immediately remove the material from the melter and dispose of it.

For further details read and follow the Dura-Fill product safety data sheet (SDS), “Installation Instructions for Direct Fired Dura-Fill Products,” and “P&T Products’ Warranty.” 

Product Specification Table

when tested in accordance with ASTM D 5329, 36, modified 3111 & 4402
Heating Temp.400 °F max.
Application Temp.370 to 390 °F
Heating Time12 hours max.
Penetration77 °F30 dmm max.
Flow158 °F5.1 mm max.
Softening Point200 °F min.
Ductility5 cm/minute15 cm @ 77 °F
1 cm/minute5 cm @39 °F
Low Temperature Flexibility1” mandrel bendPass @ 20 °F
Specific GravityApproximately 1.23
Viscosity375 °F20 to 60 Poise
Flash Point550 °F min.

Product Highlights

  • Economical
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Quick Set Up


ASTM D 4280, A1 Type II ASTM D 4383, A1 Type II


Dura-Fill MA 2 is packaged in a poly-bag contained in a 30-pound, high-strength corrugated box. Each pallet contains 75 boxes (2,250 pounds) of product.