Dura-Fill - Mastic T2


Description: Dura-Fill Mastic T2 is a hot-applied repair mastic comprised of a black, asphalt-based, poly-mer-modified binder and a select aggregate.

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Dura-Fill Mastic Black

DURA-FILL Mastic Black 

Description: Dura-Fill Mastic T2 is a hot-applied, preblended repair mastic comprised of a black, asphalt-based, polymer-modified binder and a select

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Dura-Fill Marker Adhesive

DURA-FILL Marker Adhesive

Description: Dura-Fill MA 2 is a hot-applied, bituminous marker adhesive modified with polymers for superior flexibility. When properly applied, the

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DURA-FILL Bridge Joint Mastic 

Description: Dura-Fill Bridge Joint Mastic is a pre-packaged, hot-applied material for bridge deck expan-sion joints. It meets ASTM D 6297

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Description: Dura-Fill TX300B is a hot-pour crack and joint sealant for portland cement and asphaltic pavements. As an economical and

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DURA-FILL Mastic Gray

DURA-FILL Mastic Gray

Dura-Fill Gray Mastic is a hot-applied, permanent repair material comprised of a polymer-modified binder and select aggregate. It is highly flexible and can withstand heavy loads and thermal movement. The material does not require the use of additional adhesives or compaction. Dura-Fill Gray Mastic is an extremely versatile product that offers an attractive repair solution for concrete and faded asphalt surfaces.



Dura-Fill Gray is a hot pour crack and joint sealant specially designed for concrete and faded asphalt surfaces. The material forms a durable, flexible and fade resistant seal which resists tracking in warm temperatures and cracking in cold weather. Dura-Fill Gray meets the ASTM D 1190 and ASTM D 6690 Type I specifications.

Dura-Fill Mastic


Dura-Fill Mastic is a hot pour, versatile repair product for asphalt and concrete surfaces. This fast-melting, black material is an extremely durable solution for wide cracks, utility cuts, manhole surrounds, potholes and longitudinal joint repair. The flexibility of the product makes it ideal for use on bridge decks and working cracks in all climates. Dura-Fill Mastic is ready for traffic as soon as it cools and has a high friction surface for added roadway safety.

P&T Products | Dura-FIll PF4


Dura-Fill PF4 is a premium polyester fiber material that is manufactured to comply with the Ohio DOT Type 4 specification. It contains approx. 2% fiber (by weight of asphaltic components). PF4 has the best low temperature flexibility of our fiber products and can be used in cooler climates.

P&T Products | Dura-Fill HS2


Dura-Fill HS2 is a specialty grade, economical, direct fired material. HS2 can withstand the unique challenges of driveways and parking lots such as power steering, foot traffic and shopping carts. This material has a high softening point and good low temperature flexibility making it a preferred material for most climates.